One Hot Mama!

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During your pregnancy, you can expect a lot of changes with your body, but losing your beautiful look doesn’t have to be one of them. From silky hair to the perfect pedicure, now’s the time to “baby” yourself, too.

Fluid retention, morning sickness, skin conditions and weight gain can dull an expectant mother’s glow. Many moms-to-be also are also concerned that cosmetic products can have harmful effects on their developing baby. Not to worry.

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, when used in moderation, the majority of over-the-counter beauty products are safe for both mom and baby because minimal amounts—if any—are absorbed through the skin, hair or nails. If you have questions or concerns about specific products or treatments, consult your doctor.   

Too Cute

Tweaking your beauty regime over the next nine months starts by understanding the importance of making “mommy time” even before your newborn arrives. No matter if you’re having your third child or are an anxious mama-in-training, putting yourself first with a pampering, prenatal massage or well-deserved spa day may seem like a luxury. In reality, it can be a healthy necessity for reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and relieving back pain.

For moms on a budget, the following tips can help you feel more attractive and beautiful through your entire pregnancy:

• Free and fabulous: Stop in for a free makeover at your local department store’s cosmetic counter. Some cosmetic lines now offer specific vegetable-based, hypoallergenic products designed especially for moms-to-be. Even if you can’t afford to buy all the products used, treat yourself to a new lipstick or eye shadow to help maintain your look.

• On the bright side: Some days it may be more comfortable to wear loose, baggy clothing, but there are so many options. Add a few key pieces, such as a colorful scarf or other fashionable accessories, to make even the most basic wardrobe pieces pop. 

• Shorten up: Treat yourself to an easy, no-fuss haircut to help showcase your eyes and the shape of your face. Talk with your hair stylist about pregnancy-friendly hair color options. Or better yet, forget the hair color and go back to your roots by giving your hair a break from over-processing or straightening.

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