A Frugal Guide to Maternity Fashion

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Look and feel beautiful during your pregnancy by choosing clothes that enhance your confidence and don’t cost a fortune.

Your belly is growing and your clothes seem to be smaller each day. This can be a recipe for a fashion disaster if you’re not prepared. Thankfully, you have lots of options to look put-together during this radiant time of your life.

Try these tips to up your maternity fashion game.

1. Get together with friends.

Host a party with your favorite ladies who have kids or are also expecting. Together, you can chat while swapping clothes and style tips. Make the event a time to remember by blending festive mocktails and serving your favorite snacks.

2. Spend time surfing the web.

Lots of online sites are dedicated to making maternity wear fun and stylish by offering the option to rent clothes for short periods of time. As your body continues to change and grow, you can return the clothes and look forward to a new batch arriving in the mail on demand.

3. Buy gently used clothing.

Thrift stores and consignment shops can be your friend. Once you’re done with your maternity clothes, feel good about donating them back to the thrift shop, or earn some money through consignment sales.

4. Don’t try to fit into clothes that are too tight.

We all have the clothes that we absolutely can’t live without. However, during pregnancy, we typically have to shelve these go-to threads for several months. Sure, during the first few months of pregnancy, you may be able to slide into your favorite pair of jeans without much problem. But as time passes, you will notice yourself holding your breath in more intensely as you zip and button.

Resist the urge to force your body into garments that you have outgrown for the time being. Squeezing your tummy with an excessively snug waistband can cause gas and heartburn. Other consequences of clothes that are too tight when you are expecting include compromised circulation, increased risk for yeast infections and unnecessary pain.

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